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Touch Play Games

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Touch Play Games is an up and coming Indie Software Development company located in San Diego, CA. Currently, we consist
of a very small team of computer programmers, artists, designers and web developers aimed at producing entertainment & educational-training software for mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android tablets (including Kindle Fire) and phones and web apps. Our primary forte is development using Unity3D with the focus on creating better artificial intelligence (AI) through experienced implementation of machine learning methods. We are currently seeking funding for our projects.
History: Tim Hays has 30+ years of software development experience on over 70 published products and has worked with Cinemaware, Sony, Sega, Virgin, Shiny, Interplay, Electronic Arts, Natural Selection, in many entertainment categories such as Fox Studios The X-Files, Sony Gameday Football, Terry Bradshaw Football '97, Sony ESPN Baseball Tonight, Electronic Arts NHL Hockey '93 to '98, Virgin Games' Muhammad Ali Boxing, Shiny's Messiah, Shiny's R/C Stunt Copter, Wings which was the best selling game of all time on the Amiga computers (Cinemaware in 1990), MacAttack (first 3D game out on the Macintosh computers) and Harrier Strike Mission I & II (best sellers on early MACs), on consoles such as the Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, DreamCast & Saturn, Bally Arcade, Atari series computers, Amiga and Windows PCs. His knowledge of combining highly optimized assembly language with C/C++/C#/JavaScript/PHP/AS3 code allowed him to create products with some of the fastest performance on several platforms.
Mr. Hays is a senior member of the IEEE, and has created several business training (CBT) courses & MBA degree courses (as designer & developer), SCORM-compliant and Moodle LMS applications He has extensive knowledge of video editing/codecs/compression and SFX, many software suites and tools (such as Autodesk, Adobe), HTML 5 CSS/JavaScript animation and HTML 5 apps that function directly within the iPad browser without requiring to be in the Apple App store.
As a Senior Staff Scientist for Natural Selection, Inc. for over 10 years, Tim worked on the application of automated evolved pattern recognition tables & object neural networks to improve machine learning methods for military simulations (DOD, NIH, NSF) and commercial software products with examples: Evolutionary Checkers Starring Blondie24 (Digenetics, 2001) and Chess with an Attitude! (Digenetics, 2003). Tim Hays has two patents awarded, both relating to the design and display of intelligent characters in games, and has studied at seven colleges in the areas of Computer Science, VR Design, Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Instrumental Music and Electronics and his hobbies and study interests include Bioscience, Quantum Physics, Anthropology, Photography, Hi-Def Video Editing and Effects.

Selected Publications:
Fogel DB, Hays TJ, Hahn SL, Quon J (2006) "The Blondie25 Chess Program Competes Against Fritz 8.0 & a Human Chess Master" Proceedings of 2006 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence & Games, S. Louis & G. Kendall (eds.), IEEE, Reno NV, pp.230-235.

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